1. What kind of church is Vista?

Vista is a casual (in dress), contemporary (in worship style), inter-denominational, Bible teaching, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, community church. At Vista we are committed to following Jesus, and therefore we have a high value for both grace and truth.  

2. Is Vista a part of a denomination or Christian organization?

Vista is not a part of any denomination, but is related to several independent, non-denominational churches here in Orlando, including Orlando Community Church (downtown), Northland Community Church (Longwood) and Circle Community Church (Maitland).  

3. There are a lot of different kind of "Christians." How would you describe the people at Vista?

Vista is made up of people from all over Southeast Orlando from Conway to Waterford/UCF area, Rio Pinar and Cypress Springs to Vista Lakes and Lake Nona. We are a growing group of believers that is learning what it means to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Vista is a church where it doesn't matter so much where you are spiritually, but where you want to go. 

4. Will Vista be right for me? 

Vista is not a "church" the way most people think of church. Mostly, we're a community of friends and neighbors, an extended family if you will, with members from all kinds of backgrounds, interests, and vocations. At Vista you're allowed to be honest about where you are in life. You're not expected to have it all together. It's a safe place where vulnerability, and straightforward spirituality, are valued and encouraged. Our one desire is that you, and those you love, would connect with God, his family, and his purpose for your life.

5. What is Vista's history?

We held our first worship service in February of 1992 with a rented facility, some donated equipment and a handful of people who wanted to establish a community church for Southeast Orlando. Our first home was the Hand 'N Hand childcare center in the LeeVista Center. By 1995 we outgrew that facility and moved to Conway Elementary School. In 1999 God brought Van Fielden to Vista to serve as our new lead Pastor. The fall of 2000 brought our move to Deerwood Elementary School as a way to better position ourselves to reach Southeast Orlando. In March of 2007, we moved into our current facilities at 4200 S Chickasaw Trail, a beautiful 11 acre campus surrounded by 30 acres of wooded green space.

6. Do the children sit with the adults in worship?

They can, but they don't have to.  We believe in creating multiple options for our families.  Some of our adults choose to  have their children with them for the entire worship service.  Others choose to have their children participate in our kid's ministry.  To find out more visit our KidCity page under the Ministries tab.

7. Will I be asked to give money?

Never.  We don't take "offerings."  We never have.  Many of our people give online and the rest just drop their gifts and offerings in the oak boxes conveniently located in the back of the auditorium.   You will never, ever be pressured or obligated to give financially.  What you give is always left between you and God.