At Vista, we believe that life is better in community.

As we walk through each sermon series, we encourage you to get connected with a group.  

John Nicholson

Leader Email:

Our vista group currently meets on Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 pm. Generally at a house in Cypress Springs. Our time is roughly divided evenly between prayer, Bible study and fellowship over snack and coffee. Right now we are following the sermon notes.  We often will study a book of the Bible using a study guide we find.

Betsy Chiesa

Leader Email:

Our ladies bible study meets in the Waterford Lakes area on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 to 11am We often discuss the sermon study guide, study a book of the Bible, or topical Christian books. We decide as a group after each series what to study. We have a relational, loving, supportive environment to share real life struggles and pray from one another.

Annika Weaver
Leader Email:

Our women’s bible study/small group meet on Wednesday nights starting back up on August 28, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at Vista during the same time as the youth group. This is a multi-generational/multi-cultural group of women who want to come together to fellowship, encourage and support each other in our walk with the Lord. Our Theme for this fall is “Authentic Friendship and Community”.The idea of authentic friendships start with seeking God - our TRUE friend - and in so doing we will be growing closer in our relationships with each other as well. We are starting off with a 6-week study called “Befriend – create belonging in an age of judgement, isolation, and fear”. Yes, it’s true: Real friendship is costly. Love does make us vulnerable. But without risk, our lives will remain impoverished. Learn what it means to be a good friend in an age of judgment, isolation, and fear. It is our goal to have child care provided so moms can join our group .

Sue McDaniel

Leader Email:

We meet Monday nights from 7­-9 at Dan and Laura Sherwood's home, which is very close to Valencia College East. We are a group of mature believers over 50 who get to the heart of the matter (sermon series) and desire to grow in our walks with the Lord and to have an impact for him.

Butch Myers

Leader Email:

Our group meets on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm in Cypress Springs at Butch and Tonia Myers’s house.  We have hearts for growing in the word.  We study different topics from the Bible, allowing everyone the opportunity, if they would like, to plan the study and facilitate the group, so they may grow into leaders. We usually spend a little over an hour going over the topic and then we hang out for a little bit getting to know each other.

Ben Hoofnagle

Leader Email:

We are a men's small group who meet on Monday night at 8pm at Panera in Waterford.  Open to all levels of believers, with a strong emphasis on doing life together and we want to grow in our relationship with Jesus.

Grupo Hispanohablante

Leader Email:

Reunimos los jueves de 7-8:45pm en el campus de la iglesia Vista. Somos una comunidad familiar que estudia la Biblia, comparte los altos y los bajos de la vida y ora el uno por el otro. Nos gustaría conocerte y incluirte en nuestro grupo!

Grupo de mujeres hispanohablantes

Leader Email:

Reunimos el tercer sábado del mes de 10:00 am hasta el mediodía; para estudiar la biblia y compartir un almuerzoayuno. Si deseas participar en el grupo llámame a Cristina Arango. 813-401-2623


Our group meets on Tuesday evenings at 6 for dinner and discussion through the Relentless reading plan. David and Stephanie Reeves guide this group of post-college young adults who desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus, others and the church body.  Contact Stephanie at (321) 217-9249 or
David at 321-297-8414. 

Jeff McCarthy

Leader Email:

This is a men's group that meets on Wednesday nights at 7pm in the Richardson room at Vista. The group is for men that want to grow deeper in the Word and in fellowship with each other, and it is open to all men.

Interested in a group? Contact and he will get you connected with the group leader!